Long Distance Relationships

Having long distance relationships can be stressful and put a lot of strain on both parties involved. Being with someone without actually being with them is never fun. This is made all the worse when such a relationship has to endure a long time without seeing each other. Whether it is work related, school, or whatever.

However you do not have to let the strain of being apart ruin your relationship, there are ways to overcome the distance separating you from your loved one. There are some tips to help you make life just a little easier, no matter how far apart you are.

1. Establish communication. The first thing you have to do is actually be able to communicate with each other. Snail mail with letters is one way, but the more intimate the better. Phone calls or even web cams are always preferred. Using multiple lines of communication is also good, as you may not always be in a position where you can communicate via one of the methods.

2. Plan to meet. Having something to look forward to can help pass the time, and planning to meet up when you are both available is important. In a lot of long distance relationships the two parties involved are able to meet up every now and then. Meeting up with help remove the loneliness of your relationship and also make dealing with it a lot easier.

3. Build a hobby. Having something you can do together is a great way to keep your relationship strong, regardless of the distance. The most common type of hobby would be something you could do together over the internet. However more conventional hobbies can still be used and you can talk to each other about the progress you have made.

4. Surprises. When working in a long distance relationship it can be difficult to maintain the spark that brought the two of you together. Routines hurt a lot of relationships, and in a long distance one it is even more difficult to break up those routines. So plan to surprise your partner. If you are able, take a trip up and give them a visit.

5. Capture moments. Even if the two of you are not together, sharing important moments of your life is a good way to keep your relationship strong. Share photos of occasions that have happened and keep your partner in the loop about your life. Even if they are not physically with you, they can still be a part of your life through these shared moments.

Having long distance relationships is a challenge, far more so then a normal relationship. But they are still nothing more then obstacles to overcome, something to strengthen your bond. So that when you finally do get back together you will be all the happier.

These tips may not help with all the problems associated with your relationship, but they should help ease them making it easier to cope with the distance separating the two of you. As long as you keep on working at it, your relationship will remain strong.