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Belgium has produced a wide range of music videos across various genres, showcasing the country’s diverse music scene. These music videos often feature creative storytelling, impressive cinematography, and artistic expression. Here are some notable Belgian music videos from different genres:

  1. Stromae – « Papaoutai » (2013): This music video by Belgian singer and songwriter Stromae is known for its thought-provoking visuals and choreography. It explores themes of absent fathers and generational gaps.
  2. Lost Frequencies – « Are You with Me » (2014): The music video for Lost Frequencies’ hit song « Are You with Me » captures the spirit of travel and adventure, featuring stunning landscapes and scenes from around the world.
  3. Bazart – « Goud » (2015): Bazart is a popular Belgian band known for their alternative pop sound. The music video for « Goud » features mesmerizing visuals and a dreamlike atmosphere.
  4. Angèle – « Balance ton quoi » (2019): Angèle is a Belgian singer-songwriter who has gained international recognition. This music video tackles issues of feminism and gender equality with a clever and artistic approach.
  5. Hooverphonic – « Mad About You » (2000): « Mad About You » is a classic song by the Belgian band Hooverphonic. The music video has a unique, noir-inspired aesthetic that complements the band’s trip-hop sound.
  6. Oscar and the Wolf – « The Game » (2014): This music video combines surreal and dark visuals with the electronic pop sound of Oscar and the Wolf, creating an intriguing and visually captivating experience.
  7. Warhola – « Promise » (2017): Warhola, the project of Belgian musician Oliver Symons, is known for its atmospheric and cinematic music. The music video for « Promise » features striking imagery and storytelling.
  8. dEUS – « Instant Street » (1999): The Belgian rock band dEUS is known for its experimental sound. The music video for « Instant Street » is an abstract and visually engaging piece of work.
  9. Balthazar – « Losers » (2021): « Losers » is a music video by the Belgian indie band Balthazar. The video tells a story through dance and movement, complementing the band’s indie-pop sound.

These music videos represent just a fraction of the creative output of Belgian musicians and filmmakers. Belgian artists continue to produce visually stunning and conceptually rich music videos that contribute to the country’s vibrant music scene.