Get Boyfriend

Sometimes wading through all the testosterone laced egos can be quite a challenge when trying to get boyfriend. All you want is someone to make you feel special and love you for who you are. There are some ways that I would like to show you that will make this process a little easier.

The first thing you have got to do is make sure you have the right mindset to get boyfriend. If you have been hurt in the past, have you done the work to make yourself marketable again? If you have then you can proceed but if you have done nothing to help yourself then you are in no shape to be finding someone new because someone, mainly you will only repeat the cycle and find yourself in the hurt column again.

You must find the stability and self esteem within yourself and learn to be strong on your own before becoming part of a couple. No one can give you any of these things but you. Not your parents, not your siblings and certainly not a boyfriend.

When you feel strong and confident in yourself then go ahead and make a list of the qualities you like in a boy. Is he cute? Respectful? Make you laugh? Smart? And, does he know where he is going in life? This last one may be optional given the age of the boy and if you are all still in middle school and high school.

The best way to attract the type of boy you really want is to show off your best traits. He will be attracted to how smart you are and if you carry yourself well. You may be smart but do not ever be condescending to him or anyone. This will only come off as arrogance and that is a total turn off.

Once you have found the boy you want to date, take an interest in the things he does. If he plays football or basketball, go to his games and cheer the loudest. Then ask him to walk you home after the game.

If you think that this is too bold a move for you then you could always ask one of your friends to give him the heads up that you like him. Be careful here though, if you do not have the nerve to speak to him face to face and your friend does then he may get interested in her and not you. It is best to handle these situations on your own.

If you are older (not in high school anymore), start actually looking around at work for anyone who may have his eye on you or you think you may be interested in and start a dialogue with them. Invite him out for coffee or lunch.

Find other ways to meet men besides going to bars and night clubs. Some relationships have stood the test of time when the couple met in a bar but not too many do and you need to know that the man you are interested in is interested in more than partying. Unless, of course, that is all you are interested in as well.

Following these tips should help you get boyfriend when you are ready. Make your list of favorite traits that you find attractive in men and try to get as close as you can to matching all of them. You won’t match them all but try to get as close as you can. If nothing else works, join an online dating service.