Dating Services

For a long, long time dating has been a tricky process. Once you get out of high school and college, meeting women was difficult at best. It seemed bar hopping was about the only option you had. Now days, with the mainstream use of the internet you can find your soul mate without even having to leave the house.

Online dating services are widely popular and a lot of couples meet through them and get married. Despite the success rate of these services, many guys give up and end up not meeting anybody. It is not that the service does not work, it is that you may not be doing everything you can.

The biggest reason guys fail at these online services is because they are not use to using them. This newness means it is easy to make mistakes, to prevent these mistakes and increase your chance for success there are several tips you should try out before throwing in the towel.

1. Be unique. This is one big flaw a lot of guys make, they try to appeal to everyone. All this does is make you come off as some boring guy that nobody really cares about. Instead of doing that, make your profile about you. Think about the kind of woman you want to be with and tailor your profile towards what that type of woman might be looking in a guy.

Do not lie or anything, since obviously they will find out if you are lying. But wording things in such a way as to attract their attention is never wrong. Just be honest about yourself and women who are interested in that type of man will be willing to give you a shot.

2. Be confident. Women are, for the most part, attracted to confident men. The key to these online dating services is to make yourself come off as a confident guy with a lot to offer. The way you do this is by being careful how you word things. Women do not want a needy, insecure guy so by starting with an opening line like « You probably wont respond.. » or « I’m not sure you care.. » will just turn them off.

Instead, use confidence, show that you are worth her time and that she can either talk to you or you will go find someone else. Do not sound like an arrogant jerk, but make sure she knows you have something to offer.

3. Stay positive. People can pick up on vibes, even through the internet. The way you word things can tell her volumes. When using online dating services you need to make sure you sound upbeat and positive. Even if you are depressed or feel like this is hopeless, never let her catch onto this.

Instead, fill your profile with positive lines. You have something to offer, everyone does, so put that out there. Do not let negativity drag you down or influence what you are putting into your profile. No matter how lonely or sad you may be, never ever say it out loud (or type it).