Las Vegas Rates Finding The Best Travel Deals

To find the best Las Vegas rates, try to plan your trip well in advance. If you wait until the last minute you’re probably going to overpay for everything. Planning ahead for your Las Vegas trip lets you book at competitive rates, as many hotels and airlines offer cheaper rates for reservations made a certain number of weeks before your arrival date.

Planning your trip in advance lets you get the best rates on Las Vegas travel because you have more time to really look at your options. You can shop around from hotel to hotel and even airline to airline. Having the time to compare and find the best deals can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Las Vegas is one of the vacation destinations in the US where you’re most likely to find really great packages deals. Many hotels will offer packs that cut your room and board considerably, as well as offer free nights. You might even find discounts on famous Vegas shows and restaurants.

Everything in Las Vegas is designed around gambling and entertainment. So hotels that offer both of those things know it’s in their best interest for you to stay longer. They know you’re likely to spend more money in those ways, so they cut and even eliminate some of your overnight hotel charges to entice you to stay longer.

You can let these kinds of deals work for you to give you the best rates on Vegas travel, as long as you’ll plan ahead a little. You can even book packages in which you have your shows and sometimes even restaurant reservations booked well ahead.

You can also find the best rates in Vegas by avoiding the times of year when most people visit. Avoid going over holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas when many people opt to take a vacation there. If there are big sporting events in the area at that time, choose to come during a different time of the year.

Not only will you probably not be able to use any discount packages or coupons during these peak seasons, but you’ll probably pay more for everything. Hotels and restaurants, intending to cash in on the flow of business, often raise their rates during peak months and time periods.

When you’ve found the discount package or coupons that you’ll use and you have your reservation dates, plan the things you’ll do. If you plan this a bit in advance, too, you’ll save money. Your discount airline and hotel rates won’t save you very much if you overpay for shows and other activities. So buy them in advance.

The earlier you plan these things, the better rates you’ll find in Vegas. Popular shows usually sell out, so you need to buy early. And if there are tickets available and you buy at the door you’ll pay much more than if you booked in advance.

So look for the things you want to see and do ahead of time, then look for coupons for those things and make your reservations to get the very best Vegas rates possible.