Las Vegas Buffet Dining Delicious And Cheap

Anyone visiting Las Vegas for even very brief period of time has to experience at least one top Las Vegas buffet. Because Las Vegas is such a vacation and tourism hot spot, there’s somewhere to go literally every hour of the day and night to eat and be entertained. And the city is famous for its inexpensive buffets.

Every buffet in Las Vegas isn’t cheap. A dinner buffet can cost over $60. But it’s much more likely to cost $10 to $15, even with things like seafood and prime rib on the menu.

Las Vegas knows how to keep tourists happy, and so there are over 50 buffets in the city just inside casino hotels. Not only can you gamble right in your hotel, so that if you’ve gone for gambling you don’t even need to leave your hotel. But you can eat there, too.

Every casino hotel has dining available, and some of the best buffet spreads are available in them. There are restaurants and buffets that are independent of casino hotels, too. But because the casinos want you to stay there, they’re known for serving up excellent food at great prices.

The Sterling Brunch Buffet is a buffet on the strip, located in the Steakhouse a Bally’s. This is the buffet that costs over $60 per person. But it’s not your standard buffet containing things like fried chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and bread pudding.

This top buffet in Vegas offers champagne, caviar, sushi, lobster, sturgeon and other high end foods. You would pay more for a sit-down dinner featuring those foods, but you get it all buffet style. If you can fit this one into your budget it’s definitely worth experiencing a luxury buffet like this at least once.

The other higher priced buffets are also on the Strip. In casino hotels elsewhere in the city you can find most of the buffets that cost $15 and less. Don’t think that because they’re not in the main hotels that they’re not worth visiting. You can find some of the best value here, while perhaps enjoying better odds in their casinos!

For inexpensive buffet dining in Vegas, try the Golden Nugget, a downtown establishment, along with the Main Street Station. Rampart Casino, Red Rock Station and Green Valley Ranch are some other good buffets.

For the slightly more expensive restaurants on the Strip, the top casinos are the ones to hit for dinner. MGM, Bellagio and The Mirage are spots that will cost you a little extra, but are well worth the price because of their selection and great food.

There’s almost nowhere in Vegas that you can go that you won’t find at least decent food at a decent price. Like there almost nowhere you can go that you can’t gamble.

Unless you’re on an extreme budget, do try to fit in buffets that are in the top casino hotels. You don’t want to spend a vacation in the city and not be able to say you ate at a top Las Vegas buffet.