Las Vegas Reservations

If you need to make Las Vegas reservations, whether for travel, rooms or shows, do it as far in advance as possible. While this is a good rule to follow no matter where you’ll be traveling, it’s an especially good idea to do it when traveling to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is one of the most tourist-visited cities in the world, and for good reason. Sin City, as Vegas is often called, has something to offer everyone. From casinos to world class dining and entertainment, it’s a fun city for the whole family.

Of course, reservations in Las Vegas usually mean a night or a few nights at a top casino hotel. Las Vegas is a gambling town, with slot machines filling up every inch of available space. If you like gambling or just want to give it a try in a fun atmosphere, your travel reservations should include at least a stop in Las Vegas.

But there really is much more to vacationing in Vegas than gambling and casinos. Only adults are allowed in the casinos, but there are lots of things for kids and teenagers in Las Vegas. There are a variety of shows available that will appeal to every member of your family.

You can see top draw shows like Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton, and other stars like Celine Dion and magician Criss Angel. You can see lesser known acts that are no less entertaining, too. Be sure to book any such shows in advance so you won’t be disappointed by a sold out night.

There are also a variety of other attractions and shows, many of them free that don’t require any kind of Vegas reservations. Things like the street entertainers and stuns on Fremont Street, and the erupting Volcano outside The Mirage hotel. These are free and have special kid appeal.

The fountains outside the Bellagio dance to music and colored lights every 15 minutes. And you can see things like fashion shows, bird shows, entertainers, art shows and more for free and with no reservations in various places on the Strip.

Any reservations you do make in Vegas, you’ll want to do in advance not just to make sure there’s something available, but to get the best deal. Some of the biggest casino hotels offer great deals for people who book in advance. And if you use the Internet to make your reservations in Las Vegas, you can get even bigger discounts.

Make reservations for car rentals in advance to avoid having to take the more expensive vehicles. You might be able to find an economy sedan for $200 a week. But if you don’t make reservations you might end up having to take that $450 luxury sedan or SUV.

Also, advance reservations for hotel rooms means you can lock in any low available rates. Rates change frequently in Las Vegas according to availability and local sporting events, as well as holidays. Make your Las Vegas reservations in advance and take advantage of every opportunity to save money and get the best accommodations.