How To Store A Parachute

After you have gone skydiving, you will want to take care
of your parachute and store it so that it stays safe and is
ready for the next time you want to use it. There is a
proper way to do this to make sure that your parachute
doesn’t become damaged.

1 The first thing you will want to do is to deflate the
parachute. Place the chute on an area that is dry and make
sure that there isn’t any more air in it.

Turn the chute to one of it’s sides, and fold the tip of
the chute towards chute’s inside. Continue with the folding
in the same way so that the strings of the chute are neatly

2. Use a thick cord to tie the parachute’s strings, and
place them gently on the cloth of the parachute. Continue
with the folding of the parachute until you have a small
package and place it in a bag that is odor free.

3. Make sure that your parachute is stored in an area that
doesn’t have any sunlight but has a flow of air that is
steady. The bag should be kept away from water, oil and any
acidic solutions.

Some other things to remember:

Make sure that the tension is kept on your parachute’s
lines when it is stored, pulling them gently so that they
form a line before tying them up.

If your parachute is exceptionally large, don’t store it
yourself. Ask a professional to help.

If you stuff your parachute into a bag without folding it,
you risk damaging it. So take the time to fold it and store
it properly.