Going Skydiving

When you go skydiving for the first time, there are some
things that you should remember. These will help to make
sure that the experience is rewarding and that you get
everything that you can out of it.

1. Choose a certified instructor

Do your research and make sure that the instructor you
choose is someone that is certified. Make sure that they
will answer any questions that you have and will answer
them honestly.

2. Check their safety record

Before you do your skydive, you want to make sure that they
have a good safety record and that you know everything you
can about them.

3.. Decide on what type of jump you want to take

If you want to do a solo jump, you will have to take an
instruction course and you will use a static line that
opens the parachute as soon as you leave the plane. If you
do a tandem jump, you jump with an instructor who is going
to do all the work. You will just go along for the ride.

4. Make sure that you understand everything

Before you jump, make sure that you understand all of the
instructions that you have been given. You want to take
your time and make sure that the person who is instructing
you is answering your questions and not rushing you. If you
don’t feel comfortable with the way it’s going, don’t go.

5. Pursue it further

If you enjoy your first experience skydiving, think about
getting certified. But be aware that it can be a very
expensive sport, so that is something that should be a