Wu Yi Diet

A lot of people have been talking about the Wu Yi Diet, but there is also some disagreement as to whether or not it’s effective. So, what is ‘Wu Yi’? What is the controversy all about? Does the diet really work? You will soon have the answers to all of these questions so you can decide if the diet is right for you.

The Wu Yi Diet gets its name from Wu Yi tea. Wu Yi is actually a form of oolong, or black tea. The tea leaves are fermented, and this is what causes them to turn black. Wu Yi tea is grown in the Wu Yi Mountains of China, and that’s where it gets its name. Wu Yi is higher in certain polyphenols, and it is believed that they may help people lose weight.

The diet itself isn’t really all that structured; in fact, if you make no other dietary changes, but drink several cups of Wu Yi tea each day, then you could say you are on the Wu Yi diet. Granted, there are several variations that claim to be the « official diet », but all of them rely on drinking lots of tea. And that brings us to the next point.

Does the Wu Yi Diet really work? It’s a fair question, but it’s more accurate to ask if drinking tea can help you to lose weight. Based on the results of several studies, it would appear that tea is one of the best weight loss beverages you can drink. The polyphenols in tea help to break down fat and that leads to weight loss.

That alone would make Wu Yi a smart addition to any weight loss plan, but there’s more. Tea also contains caffeine, and that is known to boost the metabolism. One more thing, tea can make you feel more full so you end up eating less overall. It can burn fat, boost metabolism and makes you full; that’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

Unfortunately, there is some controversy surrounding the Wu Yi Diet. While many people swear by its effectiveness, there are others who claim something as simple as drinking tea won’t make you lose weight. The truth is that they may be right. It’s hard to believe that something so simple could have that kind of effect. But remember that tea has three distinct properties that help people shed extra pounds. While you may not be able to gorge on double cheeseburgers and doughnuts all day, and then hope to lose weight by drinking tea, a modest diet combined with tea does appear to help.

There are some basic precautions anyone should take before trying the Wu Yi Diet (or any diet). Always talk to your personal doctor first, as they may be aware of any problems you have that could prevent you from doing the diet. Also, because tea contains caffeine, those who are sensitive to caffeine or have high blood pressure should avoid it.

That being said, there enough people that have found success with the Wu Yi Diet. It’s easy; it’s effective; and it’s good for you, too!