Whole Body Cleanse

More and more people today are becoming interested in learning more about a whole body cleanse. There are many health benefits associated with cleansing your entire body. You can clear out the buildup of toxins in your body as well as possibly alleviate some health issues by doing a cleanse.

It is disconcerting to realize that we take in a lot of toxins in our day to day lives. Virtually everything we eat, everything we drink and even the air we breathe can have contaminants in it.

When those contaminants are allowed to build up it can cause a myriad of health problems. In most cases the toxins will build up in the colon, but they can also spread to areas of the body like the muscles and even the lymph nodes.

Some of the most popular methods for doing a whole body cleanse are drinking certain cleansing « cocktails », using colon cleanses, dieting and even using certain supplements.

One of the most common methods of cleansing is to go on a liquid only fast for several days. Before you do this or any type of cleansing, make sure you talk to your doctor first. This is really important if you have any existing health issues and / or take any type of prescription medications.

Only your doctor can adequately advise you whether or not a juicing cleanse will be safe for you to undertake.

The basic idea is a simple one; you don’t eat any solid food for a few days while consuming a juice drink to provide you with the nourishment your body needs.

The right combination of fruit and vegetables in your drink will help encourage your body to flush the toxins and unwanted bacteria out of your body and also provide needed nutrients to keep you healthy.

There are many cleansing recipes available online. It’s really just a matter of finding one that you like the taste of so it will be easier to stick with. Some common juicing recipes include an odd sounding combination of garlic, cayenne pepper, lemon and possibly even garlic.

If you prefer something a little more « extreme » you can go to a spa that specializes in doing cleanses. One of the more common type of cleanse is a colon cleanse. This method uses purified water which is literally pumped into your colon and will rinse out any impurities and excess toxins.

The water temperature will be hot enough to kill off any parasites that you may have living in your colon and it can also clear out any impacted fecal matter that is in your colon as well.

No matter how much you exercise or how careful you are about the foods and drinks you put in your body, you will come into contact with some toxins in your day to day life. Toxins that can lead to many types of illnesses and disease.

Doing a periodic whole body cleanse can be a great way to eliminate these toxins and prevent them from building up to well… toxic levels. Find the best form of cleanse for you and your desired results then talk to your doctor to make sure she is on board with the idea.