Things To Help With Spring Allergies

For people who suffer from allergies, spring and summer can be cruel seasons. On the one hand, it can be great to get over your cabin fever and get outside, but on the other hand, it means another long season of suffering from allergies. To put an end to your suffering, or at least mitigate it somewhat, here are some things to help with spring allergies.

There are a few things you can do to help keep your symptoms to a minimum:

1. For one thing, try to keep your outdoor activities to a minimum on days when there is a high pollen count. It may be a bit of a pain but going out to do yard work on a day when the pollen count is high just doesn’t make sense.

It’s also good to know that pollen counts are generally at their highest early in the morning. If you do have to (or want to) get outside try to wait until mid morning, after say, 10:30 a.m. you may find that the pollen count is more tolerable.

2. Keeping your doors and windows tightly shut will help you keep your home pollen free. Keeping pollen out of your house will make your time indoors somewhat more tolerable. Do not hang your clothes outside during these high pollen times. If you hang your clothes outside you have to understand that you are taking the chance of loading up your clothes with pollen.

3. To keep the pollen inside your home to a minimum another important thing to do is to change clothes and shower as soon as you get home. If you spend a lot of time wearing the same clothes that you’ve worn outside during the day, you will just bring that pollen into your home and spread it all over your furniture.

4. Try to keep your body healthy so your immune system can fight off some of the effects of your allergies. Get plenty of sleep, keep your body healthy by taking supplements and try to find various herbal remedies. Your relief with these herbal remedies may be kind of hit or miss so you just have to keep trying until you find something that may work for you (make sure you talk to your doctor first).

5. Keep the amount of dairy products that you ingest to a minimum. These dairy products can produce mucus which can exacerbate your allergy symptoms.

6. Also, if none of this gives you the relief you are looking for you can ask your doctor for a prescription ( or a recommendation for an over the counter product) to help give you more relief from your symptoms.

If you are suffering from allergies I truly hope that this list of
things to help with spring allergies can help you find some relief. Spring is such a beautiful time of year it would be a true shame to miss out on one minute of it just because you have allergies.