YouTubing on Your iPhone

One of the most popular sites is the site known as
YouTube. This site allows users to upload the videos
that they have created themselves, and share them with
other people. It’s quite amazing to go one there and
see what people have created, and watch them.

Apple knows how popular YouTube is, and they have
included a special player in the iPhone for those who
enjoy watching videos on YouTube. The YouTube player
launches right from the Home screen, and allows you to
quickly access your favorite videos.

Of course, new videos are always being uploaded to
YouTube all the time. What if you find a video that
you know that your friend will enjoy? How do you send
it to them on your iPhone? Not to worry, because the
amazing iPhone has the ability to create the email
with a link to the video in it.

Whether you have uploaded videos to YouTube yourself
or you are someone who simply enjoys watching videos
on YouTube, you are really going to love this feature
on the iPhone. You can watch your favorite videos,
share them with friends, and look for new ones just
like you can on a computer. There’s no need to miss
watching your favorite videos because you don’t have
access to a computer; just watch them right there on
your iPhone.

It’s really amazing that one small cell phone can do
so many things, and it has surprised more than one
customer with the amount of things that it can do.