Your My Girlfriend

The Words That Can Give A Woman Security

If you have a hard time expressing your feelings and are afraid that if you do it will make you seem like less of a man or show that you are vulnerable in some way you are mistaken. Saying, « your my girlfriend and I love you » will show her that you are secure in your feelings and, frankly, are more of a man because you can express your feelings.

Conveying your feelings to her is easy and you will feel better for having done it. There are many other ways of saying, « your my girlfriend » beside the words you speak. Read on to find out what they are.

Pay attention to how your react when she enters the room. Do you smile and rush to greet her with a hug and a kiss? If you do then she can see and feel that you love her. This shows her that she makes you happy when she is around.

Cook for her. Everyone has to eat and if you put forth the effort to make her a romantic dinner once in a while she will know that you think fondly of her and want to see her happy. Include some candlelight and wine and you may just be rewarded for your efforts later.

This one may sound a little corny but if you are creative and like to rite then write her a love poem. If you play the guitar and have written some of your own songs, write her a song that expresses how you feel. She will feel special and very loved.

Buy her things. Nothing says « I love you » like little gifts given from the heart. Especially if they are given with no special occasion in mind. You may see something in a store window that you know she will just love. Go in and get it. This will prove to her that you do think of her when you are apart thus proving your love for her.

Make it a weekly thing to present her with a card that states how you feel. Every Sunday morning make her breakfast and place the card on the table where she can readily see it and enjoy reading it while she eats her breakfast.

Compliment her. Every woman loves to get compliments so come up with your own when she looks or smells good. Tell her you love her eyes or her smile or even her feet. It won’t matter what the compliment is for, if it comes from the heart she will appreciate it and you will bring a smile to her face.

This is a big one guys, actually take the time to listen to her when she talks. Active listening involves a lot of eye contact and being a part of the conversation. Listen closely and ask relevant questions about whatever it is she is talking about. Listening to someone when they talk is not only courteous but it shows that you respect that person and what she has to say.

If you choose to do all of these things on a regular basis you will get more comfortable with the idea of telling her that « your my girlfriend and I love you ».