Your MGM Las Vegas Experience MGM Grand

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, you’ll want to visit the MGM Las Vegas Grand hotel. Even if you don’t book a room in the hotel, you’ll want to go for the casino, the food and the entertainment that’s available. And you might be surprised how affordable a room can be at the MGM Grand.

Because this is one of the premier casino hotels right on the Las Vegas strip, you’re not likely going to find those $35 rooms like you might at the family-friendly Circus Circus. But a weeknight stay can be as low as $70, and a typical Friday or Saturday night runs from $130 and up. Holiday nights will cost around $230 and up.

Those prices are reasonable for a top casino hotel on the Strip. And they’re also standard prices. Discounts, coupons, packages and special offers are some of the things that make traveling to Las Vegas so appealing. And they can help you stay at the Las Vegas MGM Grand for less money.

While you can get deep discounts when a stay at the hotel is part of a travel package, can also get discounts by contacting the MGM Mirage company. They own hotels like the MGM Grand and Circus Circus. And they can offer you travel and vacation packages directly if you choose an MGM Mirage-owned hotel.

You can also check with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for their special deals. They regularly offer deals like Maximum Escape. This lets you pay for your hotel stay, which is often no more expensive than a regular rate, and get $35 toward dining or entertainment.

You can use the $35 credit toward most of the shows and restaurants in the hotel. With Maximum Escape, you’ll also get a 25% discount if when you use the Las Vegas MGM Grand spa. And you’ll get free line passes to nightclubs Tabu and Studio 54.

This type of package deal is great for those who know they’ll be enjoying those things and want to save some money. The MGM Grand also regularly offers deals like a third night free with two paid nights. And you can experience their premium suites with full VIP passes to the hotel at times for the cost of a night during the holidays or a special weekend.

Their VIP suites along with free passes to the nightclubs, the gym, free drinks and luxury amenities can cost $400 and up per night. But if you look carefully you can find some $200 nights during the week.

A holiday stay can cost about $230. So you can experience the fully VIP treatment for less than that, by booking ahead and looking for these deals. These rates aren’t with travel packages, which most people look for, but you can find them by simply staying informed.

You can sign up to be on the email list of the MGM Las Vegas Grand at their website, or get deals from MGM Mirage so you always know the best deals being offered at any of their Vegas hotels.