Why Stay At Las Vegas Circus Circus

Las Vegas Circus Circus is a premium hotel on the Las Vegas strip. The hotel is owned by MGM Mirage, which gives you an idea if just how big and luxurious the hotel really is. It contains a casino, an indoor amusement park and even a 399 lot RV park for those traveling in their motor homes.

While it’s a casino hotel, it’s perfect for families because of the indoor amusement park. That, along with its catering to motor home/RV tourists, helps make Circus Circus one of Las Vegas’ best hotels for just about everyone.

Even before you look at all the extras Circus Circus Las Vegas has to offer, look at the price. It’s a hotel on the Strip, where you have easy access to other Strip attractions. And 2 adults and 2 children can stay from $40 to $60 during a typical week. Prices for 4 people can go as low as $30 night during the week if you book over the Internet.

Friday and Saturday nights for 2 adults and 2 children average around $100 to $120. But with the many discounts and special offers Circus Circus Vegas offers you can still get great deals for those peak nights. Many times if you stay a certain number of nights you’ll get an extra night free, so look for those kinds of coupons and offers.

Booking your stay at Casino Casino Vegas is best done online, where you get a special Internet discount. A room for 2 adults and 2 children for $30, even if it’s on a Sunday or Monday night, is insanely cheap. And it’s cheap no matter where it is, let alone on the Las Vegas Strip where hotels are more expensive than in downtown Vegas.

Even staying for $100 on a weekend is a bargain, considering all that the Casino Casino in Las Vegas has to offer. First, there’s the casino that covers over 100,000 square feet. If you can’t find the gambling action you want at that casino, you’re probably just not looking in the right place.

Another way that the hotel is a great bargain is that if you’re gambling, you drink free. This is pretty standard at Las Vegas casinos. But when you’re already saving so much money on the hotel and relatively cheap entertainment for the kids at the Adventuredome, it’s nice to know you won’t be blowing it all on $8 drinks.

If you tip your waitress well the first time, and then give smaller tips occasionally, you’ll have much better luck always having a fresh drink in your hands while playing cards or slots.

And if you are there for some serious gambling, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. You may end up being noticed and getting your room « comped, » which means you get to stay free.

Not even the indoor amusement park is expensive, making Las Vegas Circus Circus great for families. Adult passes are $25 and kid passes are $15 for all day on the 25 rides and enjoying the shows and numerous activities.