Why Do People Skydive

Sometimes people will look at skydivers, and wonder why in
the world they would do a sport that takes them so close to
death. After all, plunging to the earth at a high rate of
speed seems like a dangerous sport. So here are some
reasons why people like to skydive.

1. It’s fun

Those who have skydived have said how much fun it can be.
They go up again and again, and there’s nothing like it in
the world.

2. It’s exhilarating

There’s a rush and a thrill to feel yourself falling to the
earth. There’s also something special about that sensation
of flying, since for many years people have wanted to be
able to fly like the birds. Skydiving is one of the few
ways that you can feel as if you are flying, without being
in an airplane or a helicopter.

3. It’s safe

Although most people think that it is a dangerous sport,
with the right training and preparation it’s just as safe
as any other sport. It’s only dangerous when people take
unnecessary risks and don’t follow the proper procedures.

The thing to remember is that skydiving is just like
anything else. When people do it properly, it’s something
that can be very enjoyable. But when people don’t show a
respect for the sport and for the procedures that are laid
out, that is when people get injured and give skydiving a
bad reputation.