What Body Hair Do You Remove

To remove body hair or not remove body hair – That is the question. And as with most everything, there are, (at least), two beliefs about what to do with body hair.

One belief is that you should not remove your body hair because it protects skin from dirt and germs, provides cushioning for sensitive areas, lessens the friction between skin and clothes, holds in heat to keep you warm when you need it and retains your personal scent, which may attract your potential mate.

Another belief is that you should remove your body hair because it holds dirt and germs, interferes with sensations in sensitive areas, causes friction between skin and clothes, and holds in heat which creates your personal scent, which repels everyone.

Some people, both male and female, believe because you’re born with body hair, it’s best to just let it grow. These people add that a big benefit is you don’t have to spend your time or money removing it.

Other people believe just because you’re born with body hair, doesn’t mean you have to accept it. These people believe it’s their body, (and hair), to do what they please and the big benefit for them is they say they look and feel better because they remove their body hair.

Since the human animal has walked this planet, body hair has played a couple of important roles. Before clothing, as protection and a signal of sexual maturity. Since clothing, a signal of sexual maturity.

Today, neither of these roles apply. And it seems even evolution is playing a part towards less hair.

It’s a genetic fact that since the need of body hair as protection has become unnecessary because of wearing clothing, with each generation males have become noticeably less hairy.

Even though some males still believe that their body hair is a measure of their manliness, in today’s world, being a hairy male does not represent being manly like it did in the past. In fact these days, most people, of both sexes, really prefer smooth bodies. So with body hair being useless, it’s more than acceptable for a male to trim his body hair or even become a full body shaver – Especially if he has a lot of hair.

Now be honest – What’s your response when you see a male with a really hairy chest or back?

Most males today have a better sense of how to project the most positive image and remove excess body hair, particularly on the chest and back. Removing chest and back hairs can be beneficial on both hygienic and aesthetic levels. A male with a hairless and toned body is very attractive to others.

Now be honest – What’s your response when you see a female with bushy armpits, scraggly bikini lines and hairy legs at the pool or beach?

Unless you’re in France, forget that hairy armpits on females is considered chic. Bushy armpits on males are not attractive either. Both males and females can improve their personal hygiene with groomed armpits. Bushy armpits generate extra heat, encourage the growth of bacteria and most often create heavier perspiration, resulting in an unpleasant odor. So whether you choose to just trim this hair or completely remove it, your armpits will tell onlookers that you’re tidy and clean.

Now, with all of today’s hair removal products, there’s really no excuse for any, (conscientious), female wearing a skimpy swimsuit, not to be a body shaver. A female may have a beautifully shaped and toned body which looks great in a thong bikini, but the entire image will be ruined if there are scraggly pubic hairs sticking out.

To at least trim or remove hair in the genital area will not only improve appearance, it will also improve personal hygiene. Less hair in this area means less heat and consequently, less build up of bacteria and unpleasant odor. This holds true for males as well as females.

And – You won’t know unless you try – If you remove the hair in the genital area, it may even enhance your sex life. Most people today say that if their partner’s genital area were well groomed, they’d be paying more attention to this area. How about you? Do you prefer your partner’s genital area neatly groomed or unkempt and hairy?

Most people would agree that we all want to look the best we can. Whether you choose to just trim your body hair or become a full body shaver, grooming your body hair is a basic step towards being more presentable.

Some hair removal methods are designed specifically for different parts of the body. But there is shaving tool that is specifically designed to remove hair from every part of the body. Do your own research. You’ll be glad you did.