Water Parks Make A Great Summer Family Outing

Quality family fun is what every parent looks for. And what better way to spend a relaxing day with your family then near the water. That’s why water parks make a great summer family outing.

Water parks have plenty of entertainment to offer including all kinds of water rides, arcades, outdoor games like miniature golf and go carts, and good food. All you need to do is show up to discover the excitement that awaits you.

There are slides for all levels and ages including water pools for the very youngest family members. So whether you like a real challenge or prefer a ride that’s relaxing, it’s there.

The larger parks have intertwined looping tube slides which are a blast; some starting 6 stories above the park and ending with a splash landing. There are a variety of tubes to choose from, so if 6 stories is too high you can play on one of the smaller ones. And who says a water park is all about the slides?

These days wakeboard and knee ski are growing water sports that many water parks are now offering. The courses are usually about ½ mile long and you can test your skills. Levels start at beginner and go right up to expert. And, if you aren’t ready to give it a try you can watch. It’s a great spectator sport too!

If you prefer to partner up with your buddy, there are usually some great two person water rides to check out. The inner tubes are one of the most fun. Or why not take a ride down a twisting turning slide reaching maximum speeds as you drop from an elevated shoot.

If that’s not your style why not try the Black Hole or the equivalent offered by most parks. Here you’ll jump into a raft and take an exhilarating journey down a twisting tunnel of darkness – whoo-eee fun with a capital F!

And if you’re lucky enough to visit Orlando’s Wet and Wild, be sure to check out The Blast which will have you screaming for more as you get soaked to the core in this stimulating ride complete with sound effects. You’ll twist and turn your way down through waterspouts and burst through pipes. What a ride! If you can’t get to Orlando don’t worry. Other water parks are offering similar rides.

When you need a rest from the water you can soak up some rays on the side. Grab a chair or relax on your beach towel. And then why not take the family for a game of miniature golf?

Don’t forget to enjoy a delicious burger and order of fries with a nice cold drink. And the day won’t be complete without an ice cream.

Water parks offer a full day of fun and relaxation for the entire family. So why not get out and enjoy it? You won’t be sorry!