Teen Hair Styles

Looking attractive and sexy on the first date or on the school prom night is an indispensable part of every teenage life! So being a teenager teen hairstyles shall just help you rediscover the beauty and confidence in yourself and in your looks! If you belong to the highly fashion and image conscious teen brigade of the 21st century then you must have quite a bit of knowledge about all kinds of latest and hot teen hairstyles. Being a girl/boy in the teens you’ve got to deal with all kinds of situations where you become terrifically conscious about how you look, what you wear and how you carry yourself amongst your friends.

The way you wear your hair can remarkably change the way you look. Proper styling can add the right angles to your face or can even tone down some of the hardness that your face might otherwise convey. For teenagers hairstyles are as important as for someone older. In fact it is during your teens when you start interacting with the outside world, make friends and acquaintances, start going out on dates, and some of you even start your career. Teen hairstyles that suit their facial settings thereby accentuating their personality are what all teenagers look for.

There are dozens of myriad teen hairstyles. You can choose from short, long and medium hairstyles or from formal, curly, straight and black hairstyles. You also have the option copy the hairstyle of your favorite celebrity/star.

But before deciding on what kind of hairstyle you want to go in for you must pre-consider a few things. The first thing, while choosing a hairstyle that you must look into is the particular hairstyle should be compatible with the kind of life you lead. If it involves a lot of outdoor activities as in sports, it’s better you wear your hair short as you will be taking showers pretty often and it is a lot easier to manage shorter hair than to care for longer hair.

The next deciding factor while selecting through numerous teen hairstyles is the type of face you have. Properly styled hair complementing your face cut can work wonders for your face. A good and professional hairdresser can highlight the essential features while you decide on a particular hairstyle emphasizing on how the hairstyle will make your face attractive. Sporting the right kind of hairstyle also shifts the emphasis away from those odd/ so-called ugly facial features that don’t really add to your looks.

If we have to classify faces according to its shape then there are three kinds of faces – round, long and square and teen hairstyles vary according to these face cuts. If your face is round then don’t go for long, straight hair. Instead it’s better if you opt for a shoulder length hair without any parting. This would make your face look longer. Again if your face is longer it gives an impression of hardness. The obvious choice would be to go for a soft hairstyle that would make you look more gentle. It is better to avoid parting and wearing a straight shoulder-length hair. Sporting shorter hair should work for longer faces. A square face also makes you look hard and cold! So opt for teen hairstyles that have an effect of softening your facial outline. Shoulder length hair that can be straight or flicking towards the end suits teenagers with a square face quite well.

The Generation-Y teenagers of today are extremely busy souls who are engaged in multifarious jobs and activities. Time is very precious for them and so you being a modern day teenager would not like to spend unnecessary time on managing unmanageable and elaborate teen hairstyles! So you can go in for the less elaborate low-tech hairstyles that are easy to manage.

The most preferred teen hairstyles that teenagers love to sport more often include short, spiked hair with the top bleached, the ‘grunge look’ or more tailored hair cuts in case of teenage males while long and layered tresses are a top draw among teenage girls!

Go in for teen hairstyles that reflect your personality. It should be borne in mind that any hairstyle does throw some light on the character of the individual. So if you are looking for a feminine, elegant yet sexy look then it’s better to go for long hair. If you are looking to reveal your sporty and care-a-damn attitude then you can wear a short and cropped hair.