Questions for Achieving Optimal Website Writing Results

The foundation for creating advertising copy that floods your newly designed website’s copy with cash-in-hand ready-to-buy customers is forged from the interview process between you and your copywriter. Subsequent research and the creation of a dynamite promotion all stems from the critical information gathered about your business, your product and service, your customers and your competition. The answers to the questions below are crucial to the effective and successful completion of the website writing portion of your project.

1. What are all the product’s benefits?
2. What are all the product features?

3. How is the product different and better than the competition?

4. What does the buyer expect when he spends his money for this product? Do we deliver?

5. What methods, approaches and sales techniques is the competition using?

6. How does the audience for the product differ from the general public?

7. How much can the buyer reasonably expect to pay?

8. Does your average buyer have a credit card or checking account?

9. Will the product be purchased for business or personal use?

10. Can you expect to get multiple sales from your buyer?

11. What is the logical ‘back end’ product to sell someone after he has purchased your product? [‘Back end’ refers to other products in your product line you can offer to someone who has bought the primary product featured in your ad]

12. Will I need to show your product in color?

13. What is the total number of potential customers for this product?

14. Who will buy your product, i.e. teens or seniors, men or women, executives or blue-collar workers?

15. Is there a market for overseas sales?

16. Should I offer time payments?

17. Will the product be a good gift item?

18. Should my copy be long or short?

19. What should the tone of my copy be?

20. Should I test the price?

21. Should I test copy approaches?

22. Is there a seasonal market for the product and are you taking advantage of it?

23. Are testimonials available from satisfied customers?

24. Do I need photographs or illustrations?

25. Which appeals have worked in the past for this product?

26. What objections might arise from a prospective customer? How can I overcome these objections?

27. Should I use a premium?

28. Should I offer a money-back guarantee?

29. Is this item also sold by retail? Are there price advantages I can stress for buying direct from the ad?

30. Should I consider a celebrity testimonial?

31. Can I tie in my copy to sonic news event?

32. Can I tie my copy to some holiday or seasonal event?

33. Does the product sell better in a particular region or climate?

34. Should I consider using a sweepstakes?

35. Can the product be sold through a two-step advertising campaign? [Ads generating queries rather than direct sales]

36. What must I do to convince the reader to buy your product now?

37. Can I use scientific evidence in my sales approach?

38. Have I allowed enough time to write, design and produce my copy?

39. Can I get the customer to order by phone?

40. What approaches used to sell this product have been unsuccessful?

41. Can I get powerful ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures?

42. Assuming the ad is successful, is the client prepared with orders?