Personalities In Dating Relationship

There can be a lot said about finding a partner who you are compatible with. This can be good whether or not you are looking for a serious or a casual relationship. So, what do you look for when it comes to personalities in dating relationship?

Well for one thing, you want both of the personalities in dating relationship to be compatible. I never ceased to be amazed at the things people will say to justify a very obviously doomed relationship.

Too many people (ones who I would consider to be very immature) seem to mistake a lack of compatibility and the resulting stress and tension in a relationship as some sort of « passion ».

I don’t mean to be offensive, but how dumb is that? Fighting, arguing and bickering isn’t passion. It’s a lousy, stress filled mess that will only implode eventually. Sorry to be blunt, but that’s the truth whether or not anyone wants to believe it or accept it.

So, how can you increase your odds of having a healthy, fun, easy relationship? Simple, get involved with someone you are comparable with. This should be really easy, or hard depending on your point of view. But if you don’t really know who you are you can’t pick someone who you are compatible with.

Most of us, to some level or another, aren’t really that honest with ourselves about who we are and what issues we may have. If you have been hurt at some point in your life (and who hasn’t?) then you must face those hurts and issues head on.

That is the only way to get rid of them forever. It will take some time and it will cause some level of pain, but it is the only way to make absolutely sure you don’t keep dragging the same baggage and issues with you from one relationship to another.

When you don’t deal with these issues you will not only have them keep coming up and hurting you, you will also inadvertently attract other wounded people. Have you ever wondered why that great friend who you love only seems to attract losers?

We all have friends or family members like that. They can be great looking and have a great personality but for some reason they are unlucky in love and only seem to attract people who aren’t right for them and will eventually hurt them. Why is that?

Is it just bad luck? No, it’s because that great person, on some level, has some issue or belief that they are unconscious projecting. When they project these beliefs or issues they will attract someone who is looking for that type of person.

Put another way, if someone has had some experience that makes them feel (way down deep in a place they aren’t even aware of) that they don’t deserve to be happy they will attract those type of people who like to take advantage of others.

The bottom line is this: take time to honestly and openly evaluate the person you are and the subconscious signals you are giving off before you set out to find someone special. Doing that will help you ensure that personalities in dating relationship are compatible personalities.