There is an art to choosing and using the perfect PRO NYLON HAIRBRUSH. Different hair types have different product and brush needs, so do different styles and cuts. You can either choose a brush depending on your style, your style depending on your brush, or have some brushes that will serve both purposes.

To choose the PRO NYLON HAIRBRUSH that is right for you, first consider your hair type. Thick hair will not need the same brush as fine hair. A brush that is round or slightly round is ideal for use while blow drying your hair. Also, you may decide to use a brush with a different material. Talk to your stylist or ask someone from the beauty supply store which type is ideal for you.
Once you choose your brush, there are a few things to learn before you brush your hair. In general, always brush gently. Never pull or rip. If there are large knots in your hair, apply a detangling product before you brush, or gently work through the knot with a wide-toothed comb. If you are still having trouble brushing gently, perhaps you should consider trying another brush style or detangling with a wide toothed comb before you brush. Techniques that help enhance shine and softness include bending from the waist and brushing from the roots, brushing hair before showering, and brushing hair before you go to sleep.

A good style always starts with a good PRO NYLON HAIRBRUSH or a brush with another material. Choose your style either by searching through magazines or asking for advice. Once your style is chosen, find the best tools that will best execute the style. For example, if you want to straighten your hair with a blow dryer, a large, round brush is ideal. If you want to leave your hair natural, brush it after it is dry.

You not only need to find the perfect PRO NYLON HAIRBRUSH, but also the best styling products. Just like the perfect tools can enhance your style and allow for more styling options, so can the best products. There are anti-frizz creams and serums, mousses, gels, sprays, setting lotions, curl boosters, etc. There are even special products designed to help leave your hair « natural ». Does it all seem confusing? Magazines have product reviews and you can always ask your stylist or beauty supply store clerk. Some shops let you return a product if you’ve tried it and had no success.
So, there are a few steps to creating the perfect hair style. The first is finding the best PRO NYLON HAIRBRUSH for your hair type and needs. Then choose your hairstyle and the best way to execute it using the best tools and appropriate products. Every style seems to have a designated product and tool, even when you decide to leave your hair natural. If you need some extra help, you can always ask your stylist for advice.