Most Comfortable Air Mattress

Tips To Help Pick The Best Mattress

Air mattresses are no longer the thin, uncomfortable things we used to have to sleep on when we went camping as kids. Today’s air mattresses are comfortable enough to offer to your in-laws when they come to visit. Whether you want an air mattress for your next camping trip, or an air mattress to make a « guest room » in the living room, you have many options when looking for the most comfortable air mattress.

For most people, shopping online will save them a lot of time, hassle and probably money as well. Online you can more quickly and easily compare various features and pricing side by side.

Before you set off on your great hunt to find the most comfortable air mattress online, here are some tips to keep in mind to make your search more fruitful:

1. Even though there are a lot of features you can get in your air mattress, make sure you don’t overspend by getting features that you don’t really need. Carefully consider what you will use your mattress for.

For example, if your air mattress is just going to be used by small kids once a year on a camping trip you can probably skip the raised style of air mattress. A fairly small and simple mattress will work just fine especially since the kids are very lightweight, they simply won’t need as much support and you can save a little bit of money.

2. Another thing to look at is the gauge of the vinyl. The higher the gauge the more durable the air mattress will be. Usually you want to look for twenty gauge or higher. However, again, remember what you are planning to use your air mattress for. If you are using it for a few small,lightweight kids, to use on a yearly camping trip, paying more for a heavy duty air mattress may not make sense.

On the other hand, if you are buying this air mattress for your home to provide extra sleeping room for out of town guests, getting a heavy duty vinyl will mean that your air mattress will last longer and probably be more firm and comfortable for your guests.

3. Check to see what type of pumps are available with the air mattress you are interested in. Many of them come complete with their own pump and many times the pumps are electric and can be used with an electrical outlet or can even be plugged into a car to use battery power to inflate them.

Few people want to spend a lot of time and effort manually pumping up their air mattress so make sure you find out what type of pump comes with the air mattress before you buy it.

4. What type of warranty does the mattress come with? If you just buy a cheap little air mattress for your kids to sleep on when you go camping, you probably won’t get and won’t need a warranty. But if you buy a mattress for long term use, than you can get a warranty in most cases. Just remember that warranties are only as good as the company that stands behind them.

5. If you decide to buy your mattress online don’t forget to include the shipping charges in your pricing. It may seem cheaper, until you factor in the shipping costs. So make sure you take that into consideration.

Even when you take all these factors into consideration, the most important decision is finding the most comfortable air mattress for you. If you don’t think it’s comfortable enough it won’t matter what kind of a deal you get.