Mild and moderate acne isn’t the end of the world

Admit it…there has been at least one time in your life where there was acne on your face at just the wrong time. Whether it is a first date, your senior prom, or that big job interview, you think that everyone will be focusing on your acne instead of the whole you. Today, with all the many scientific advances, there are several new treatments for acne that may be just the ticket to a clearer face and body.

The most common acne treatments on the market today can be purchased over the counter. Some common brand name treatments you can find at the drug or grocery stores are Clearasil, Seabreeze and Neutrogena. Most of these brands have creams, facial washes, acne pads and moisturizers. When using these treatments, don’t give up on the product if your acne has not shown a great deal of improvement in a day. Many times it takes trial and error to find the product that will work for you…and you need to give each product about two weeks to reach any kind of effectiveness.

A new wave in treating acne is the product Proactiv. After countless infomercials, ads in magazines and on the internet, it is becoming one of the most widely known acne treatments on the market. With celebrities raving about the results they get with this product, many people are trying it out…with mixed results. The ingredients in Proactiv can be found in many of the other treatments you can get at local stores. The difference between the products – the price.

One specific type of acne that many people find frequently on their face are blackheads, a particularly difficult type of acne to get rid of. Found mostly on the nose, cheeks and ears, this type of acne is a very deep, hard to reach blemish that can feel like it is impossible to treat. However, products are on the market to help with this type of acne as well. Commonly known as “nose strips”, this treatment consists of a strip that has a substance on it that dries and literally removes the blackhead from the pore. Washing does little to stop blackheads from appearing on your face, but washing should be done if you try to squeeze this type of acne. You can do more damage to your face trying to “self-extract” blackheads!

Today there is a relatively new treatment out there for mild to moderate acne. It is a hand-held device known as the Zeno Acne Clearing Device. This FDA approved acne clearing device applies a precise 2 ½ minute heat treatment to acne. This heat treatment essentially kills the bacteria causing the acne, thus healing the pimple. Unlike other treatments on the market, the Zeno Acne Clearing Device can actually clear up a pimple in a day as opposed to days or even weeks with other alternatives. Although the heat from the zeno device can cause mild redness to the area where applied for roughly 20-30 minutes after you use it, no other adverse side effects were reported by users…unlike the skin irritation that topical treatments can cause.

Good hygiene is still the best way to fight acne on your face and other parts of your body. Washing your face regularly with a mild soap will usually keep acne at bay. Regular soap and water won’t irritate your face like some acne treatment products may. Only those with severe acne will require any kind of visits to a dermatologist for prescription acne medications.