Link Building Expert

Setting up an online business is a great way to attain the financial freedom you want. However even once your website is set up, you need to get people to notice it and visit it. For this you need back links.

Back links are links from one website to another. When a website links to your website, that is a back link. Back links work together with Search Engine Optimization to figure out what page your website should be on, or page rank.

Any link building expert can tell you that you want your website to be as close to page one as you can. The further from page one you are, the less traffic you will get. However while that is all fine and dandy, knowing the ins and outs of getting back links is ultimately what is important.

There are a lot of methods and tips out there to help you out. But there are some basics you should keep in mind when working on your link building campaign.

1: You want to get as many back links as you possibly can. Quantity is very important. The more back links you have out there, the more people will see them and visit your website. The more people that visit, the higher chances are of making money.

2: A link building expert will tell you that quality is equally as important, if not more so. While having a lot of back links is important, if they are not of acceptable quality they will not do you much good at all. You want to make sure every back link you get is highly valued to get the most out of your link building campaign.

3: The best way to attain a high quality back link is from a high page rank website. A website with a high page rank will provide more value to any back links it has. So if you can get a back link from such a site, it is worth far more then if you had gotten a link from a lower ranked website.

4: Focusing on relevant back links is also very important. Even if you get a lot of high quality back links, if they have nothing to do with your website then SEO will ignore them and they will not contribute to your website’s page rank.

5: Some links out there come with a « no follow » tag which is there to keep spammers from throwing links everywhere. However links with that tag also do not contribute to increasing your page rank and are worthless, so avoid using those types of links.

6: Try to get permanent back links if you can. A lot of back links come with a time limit or other restrictions, mostly those from free directories. There is no sense in spending time to get something you can not keep. So make sure the back links you have are there to stay.

These tips will not make a link building expert but they can help you get started and get you on your way to establishing a highly profitable website.