Incredible Proven Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly Dont Wait

So you really need to lose weight quickly, but just aren’t sure how to do it? You know diet alone won’t bring back that great looking body you had in your younger days. You know you need something else.

What you need is exercise! Any type of exercise is fantastic for weight loss but there are certain exercises that will really accelerate the dropping of those extra pounds. Fitting exercise into a busy life schedule can be challenging but don’t let that stop you. The exercises listed below only take a few short minutes out of your day but your results can be dramatic.

However, before starting any new exercise program, it is important to check with your personal Doctor to make sure you are healthy enough; to tackle a strenuous exercise program. Once that determination is made you are ready to go. Don’t wait! Get started now.

There are two types of exercise that should form part of your exercise routine. The first is aerobic and the second is resistance training (weights). Both of these exercise types are vital as they work very differently.

Aerobic exercise aims to increase your heart rate and improve stamina. Four very common forms of aerobic exercise are:

• Running
• Fast walking
• Cycling
• Skipping

These can be undertaken either outside or on gym equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes.

Weight training on the other hand aims to build lean muscle which has a result of burning fat much faster. The more lean muscle you have on your body, the faster you will burn fat and the more calories you’ll burn!

There are some quick exercises at home you can do for quick weight loss. Let’s take a look at these now:

1. Walking
It goes without saying that walking is a key to losing weight. The more walking you can do the better, but aim for at least 30 minutes of dedicated walking per day. However, faster weight loss will be accomplished if you walk twice a day for 30 minutes. The faster you walk the better as your heart will pump faster.

2. Skipping
Skipping is an excellent aerobic exercise. Just 50 skips per day will have you burning calories but for best results try to add an extra 10 skips to your routine everyday.

3. Step-ups
You can simply use your backyard steps for this one. Stepping up and down will have your heart rate elevated and the calories will be burning. Try to complete 3 sets of 20 steps every day, but increase the number of steps every few days as your body adjusts as your fitness levels rise. You can also buy special step up mats which are designed with safety in mind.

4. Squats
These won’t make your hate race but they will assist in building leg muscles. Squats are considered one of the toughest exercises to perform so don’t be embarrassed if you can only do one or two. Remember, building and strengthening muscles equals faster fat burning and that is the aim of squats.

The above exercises all have one thing in common: they are exercises to lose weight quickly. If you undertake the above four exercises on a daily basis then you are heading in the right direction for weight loss.