Let the readers know what is in store for them by the  » blaze » in
your first paragraphs of an article. There are two kinds of
articles; those which cover things in general and can be
published at most any time, and current events. The best place to
start with these kind of articles is the local newspaper with a
goal of syndication to many other media.

In order dor acceptance by the editor there must be a local twist
of personal interest to the readers. The ununusual and odd things
abot people and their vocation and gives the reader a departure
from the daily drudgery are the best and most saleable articles
to write about. This includes adventure,mystery, murder, money,
accidents, discoveries, economy, history, illness, jail,
jealousy, obsessions, quacks, struggles, taxes, etc.

You must attract attention from the first words when writing
feature stories for a newspaper type publication, where as a
novel or short story for a magazine builds to a climax and
generally clears up all the loose ends at completion

For a magazine article to sell to the publisher « action » in the
first and last part is a must, while the body copy is devoted to
narrative or explanations with a number of vital incidents to
keep the action alive. Keep the writing « flowing » in such a
manner the reader will anxiously read ahead to see what happens

When it is possible to do so without distorting the truth, add
some fiction to your life stories to keep them interesting and
alive! Submit 8x 10 glossy print photos if possible as often the
picture will be the difference between acceptance and rejection.
It will pay you to get a good camera so you can snap pictures to
go along with the articles.

When submitting your copy, put your name, address and phone
number at the upper left cover of the first page and total number
of words containeed in the article on the upper right side. If
you are submitting an article to the newspaper a title will not
be necessary as the editor will usually determine after reviewing
the article.

Leave plently of room at the top of the pages, use double spacing
and wide margins so there is plenty of space for editing. Number
the pages at the top. preferable on the right hand side. Type
only on the front side of each page. Enclose a Stamped, self
addressed return envelope. Lay it out so your name always appears
with the article so that you will gain recognition as a writer.

There are millions of things to write about so you should nver be
without ideas for your articles. To get the ideas all you need to
do is go through the dictionary and write about anything and
everything that comes to mind, based on the more practical words.