How To Treat Acne

Zits or pimples may appear harmless but it can ruin a person’s social life and can even destroy his self confidence. For one, it is disfiguring and can mar even a beautiful face. A person who has a severe case of acne usually has low self regard and prefers to live away from people.

Pimple or acne usually appears during puberty, a point in a person’s life when he still has not yet fully developed his confidence. Having acne at that young age limits a person’s social life because he may have bad feelings about showing his face to others. Ultimately, it can destroy a person’s future.

It is unthinkable how many people allow their lives to be inhibited by acne when there are numerous ways of treating such skin disorder. A person, or even his parents, should immediately seek treatment for this skin disorder as soon as possible to avoid further damage top the skin.

Acne is caused by the secretion of oil that is thickened and leads to the clogging of pores. When the pores get clogged, it can lead to inflammation and infection and then to scarring.

While acne is commonly identified with those facial zits, other body parts like the back, neck and chest can also experience acne breakouts. However, most people do not really fuss about these zits since these are located in hidden body parts. Facial acne is however another story since it is the first thing that a person sees.

To avoid acne, you have to keep your skin clean and free of oil all the time. Too much oil build up in the skin can cause acne. Some people are more prone to getting acne so they have to be more careful about keeping their skins free from oil build up.

People who have acne can resort to topical treatments at first but if it does not work out, then it is best to seek treatment and proper prescriptions from licensed dermatologists.

When stronger acne treatments have been prescribed but they do not work, your dermatologist may recommend accutane. This is a prescribed oral medicine which can be effective but its effects can only be seen after a few months of taking it.

Whatever you do with your acne, never prick them because it can only add to the bacteria and can result to scarring. Acne treatments that work for other people may not work on you but keep on seeing your dermatologist until you come up with an effective treatment.

Do not let acne limit your social life. Get help and get some acne treatment before your acne becomes worse and even more difficult to handle.