Hoodia Gordonii Complex

Weight Loss With Exercise

Too many people want to get something for nothing, that’s the way our society is, particularly when it comes to weight loss. There are too many different types of supplements to even talk about in this one short article, some will work better than others. Some people will have great results with one while others won’t find any benefit at all. One of the supplements that has shown very promising and with which people have had enormous success is the hoodia gordonii complex.

The hoodia plant contains a molecule that has been shown to help trigger the ‘full’ response in the brain. Your body receives the message that it’s full and doesn’t need any more food much sooner than if you weren’t taking the supplement. That means that you eat less with every single meal than you would without the supplement. Many people have even found that using hoodia can help them decrease their emotional eating as well by suppressing their desire to eat, even when they aren’t hungry.

A study took a group of overweight patients and gave half the group a placebo and the other half hoodia. The people in the study were encouraged to live a sedentary lifestyle for the 15 day study, and eat as much as they wanted. After the 15 days were up the people who were taking the hoodia had consumed around 1,000 calories per day less than those who were taking the placebo.

There are many variations of Hoodia and many products on the market that say they contain Hoodia, but it does matter how much Hoodia they have in the product. Unless the supplement has enough Hoodia in it, you won’t get the desired results. For the most benefit, most people would need a minimum of 400 mg of Hoodia to help them control their appetite. If the supplement you are considering can’t provide you with that much, keep looking and find a different supplement.

Hoodia can also contain up to 250 mg of magnesium which can also work with your body and help with weight loss. Today our diets are made up of many types of starches such as pastas, bread, and cereals, none of which are a good source of magnesium. A lack of magnesium can contribute to your body not functioning the way it should and make it easier for you to hold on to excess weight even when you try to diet and exercise.

Hoodia gordonii complex is an ingredient that can really help you ramp up your weight loss efforts. The many benefits such as appetite suppressant, added magnesium, and helping you to curb your emotional binge eating can help you achieve your weight loss goals once and for all. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all you have to do is to take a pill and you’re done. If you truly want to be healthy your body will need to move and get plenty of exercise, plenty of quality foods, plenty of water and plenty of sleep. When you get all of those aspects dialed in weight loss and maintaining that weight loss will become much easier.

You should consult with your personal health care provider prior too taking any weight loss supplement.