Green Tea Weight Loss Diet

Green tea has been enjoyed by Asian cultures for many centuries. People in the West tend to think of it as nothing more than a beverage, but those in the East have long recognized its beneficial health properties. Historically, obesity was not a major problem in countries that drank the most tea, and modern researchers are starting to endorse a green tea weight loss diet.

We need to mention a few things before we get to how green tea can help you lose weight. You should always check with your personal doctor before making any changes to your regular diet, or before starting a weight loss plan. Your doctor will know your health history, and will also be aware of the latest research. Always follow your doctor’s advice.

One of the best things about drinking green tea for weight loss is that it has virtually no calories (less than 5 calories per cup). However, you need to make sure that you’re not adding cream or sugar, which will only add extra calories, and that won’t help you to lose weight. Other than that, you can enjoy several cups of tea a day without worrying about how it will influence your weight.

Another benefit of a green tea weight loss diet is that you will feel fuller throughout the day. The liquid not only takes up room in your stomach, but there also appears to be chemicals in green tea that tell your brain that your stomach is full. You will be much less likely to eat more food than you should when you feel satisfied.

Some researchers have found evidence that green tea can boost metabolism. That means your body will be more efficient at burning calories. Even the smallest boost to your body’s metabolism will have a positive impact on weight loss. The best part is that this boosting effect may last for a few hours after drinking tea.

While researchers aren’t entirely sure, some people have also claimed that green tea alters the absorption of fat. If this can be proven it would be promising. Imagine being able to the foods you love, and then sipping green tea to minimize how much fat you absorb. More research needs to be done, but if it’s shown to be true, then that’s another good reason to drink tea.

A green tea weight loss diet is very flexible, as it’s really about adding a few cups of green tea to your routine. Now, that doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want without worry. You should still try to eat healthier foods and engage in physical activity on a regular basis. That being said, drinking green tea appears to have several positive effects on losing weight, and that makes it an ideal beverage if you are trying to shed a few extra pounds.