Finding a Podcast on PSP

There are many podcasts on PSP available. Some of
them simply share information on the PlayStation
Portable and distribute it to people interested in portable
gaming. These podcasts serve as news organizations,
sharing audio or visual files talking about the
PlayStation Portable and speculating about updates to
the PSP. The vast majority, however, take advantage of
the ability of the PlayStation Portable’s ability to
download and play quality videos on the gaming screen.
Developers of the program PSP Video 9 first created a
program that could change videos from computer types
like .avi and .mpeg to the format used by the Play
Station Portable.

Once that was done, it was quickly possible to create
podcasts for the PSP. Podcasters began creating video
files, changing them to a format readable by the
PlayStation Portable, and distributing them by podast
feed. These podcast feeds are subscribed to by people
interested in the feed, who download the episodes as
they come out. After the video files are transfered to the
PlayStation Portable, they can be viewed whenever the
end user wishes, just like the other movies and
professionally done videos available for the PSP. The
PlayStation Portable has thus been changed from simply
being a portable gaming platform to a piece of full
featured media hardware capable of playing games,
storing information, and playing videos and movies,
moving toward a more complex future.