Find Great Las Vegas Room Rates

You can find great Las Vegas room rates by simply planning a little bit ahead. It’s a good idea to plan ahead no matter you’ll be traveling for your vacation. This can save you money and frustration.

If you wait until the last minute to make your travel arrangements, you can overpay for you room in Las Vegas by $10 or $20, or even more than $100. It all depends on when you plan to go on your vacation, how last minute your preparations are, and what’s left by the time you try to book.

The great thing about room rates in Vegas is that there are so many casino hotels that offer cheap room rates. Even without the benefit of package deal or other discount, you may be able to find a room very cheap, even on the Strip.

For instance, Circus Circus is a huge casino hotel that even has an indoor 5-acre amusement park called Adventuredome. Because of this, the Circus Circus hotel is family friendly and caters to families on vacation. It’s on the Strip, and has 100,000 square foot casino inside.

Two adults and two children can stay during the week for as little as $30 a night at times, and as little as $100 on a Friday or Saturday night. Those are amazing rates for a hotel on the Strip. Especially when you consider that an al day adult pass to their amusement part is a cheap $25 and an all day pass for a child over 33″ is only $15.

Vegas room rates are some of the cheapest of any travel destinations. This is, of course, because they know they’ll make their money when you gamble. Still, you can pay $200 for a weekend night at a top hotel like the MGM Grand.

If you want a luxury room with VIP treatment you can easily pay more than $400 at the Grand. The same type of room and amenities elsewhere in Vegas run at about the same price. You do want to make sure your room is in a hotel that’s central to everything so you can get around the city easily.

A room in Vegas in a hotel downtown is usually much cheaper than rooms on the Strip. But you have a disadvantage of being far away from all the action of Las Vegas. A cab ride to the Strip will cost more than if you just used a cab to go from casino to casino.

You’ll also miss the experience of staying in one of the top casino hotels in Vegas. There’s nothing quite like leaving your room, going downstairs to gamble, having dinner at an inexpensive but delicious and varied buffet, seeing a show, and then going back upstairs to go to sleep.

Also, if you stay in a room on the Strip, you’re within easy walking distance of so many other attractions. Leave your Las Vegas room and walk to another casino hotel to enjoy different slots and tables, and a few different shows.