Dating Beautiful Women Catch Twenty Two

No doubt about it, dating is challenging. You have to get up the nerve to ask a woman out, then you have to figure out where to have the date, you have to be on your best behavior (what will you say and do?), and do it all in a way that comes across as confident and natural (no matter how you may be feeling on the inside). A lot of guys have an even harder time when it comes to dating beautiful women. But, as you will see, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Rule #1 is that you should never treat any woman as an object, and that includes pretty women. In other words, while you may be attracted to their physical appearance, you shouldn’t think of them as a trophy or status symbol. Granted, other people will notice her beauty, and may look at you differently because of it, but that should never be your reason for wanting to go out with her.

A lot of beautiful women actually run into an interesting problem. Conventional wisdom says that pretty women shouldn’t have any problem finding men that want to go out with them. But the reality is that a lot of them find men are afraid to approach them because of their beauty–the very thing that’s suppose to get men flocking to them.

Understanding this can help you when dating beautiful women. They are, first and foremost, people too. Just be yourself and try not to treat her as though she is someone that is out of your league. Why? Because that’s the other problem pretty women run into. Men overacting and laying the charm on extra heavy, all in the hopes that the woman will enjoy the extra attention. But a lot of the time pretty woman get tired of the phoniness, and ache to find a guy who will just be himself around her.

Now, let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Treating them normal and being yourself doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to be rude or to ignore her. You would be surprised at how many so-called « relationship experts » will tell you to be a jerk towards beautiful women. Sorry, but that just doesn’t cut it! They are people; simple. Just don’t play games and treat her as you want her to treat you.

Keep in mind that attractive women often feel that they are being hit on more than other women. So, when it comes to dating beautiful women, forget all of the clever pick up lines. Trust me, they have heard them before. Besides, the very fact that you’re using a line shows her that you’re trying too hard and that you’re just like every other guy who has used a line on her.

Finally, be confident when dating beautiful women. Too many men feel like they’re not worthy, but if she has agreed to a date or two, then it proves that she thinks you are indeed worthy, and that’s what really counts.