current acne treatments

There are always new and supposedly improved products on the market. When it comes to acne, there is plain and simply no end to the affliction. Most of us struggle with this skin dilemma on some level. While you may only get the occasional pimple, your friend or co-worker may be grappling with a face full of zits every day. It’s horrible for our self-esteem. I truly don’t care who you are or what you do. Acne is like a disease that must be obliterated. And that is why we’re all searching for the new acne treatment. What’s available now? What makes it better, and why should I try it? Unfortunately the only way to determine whether or not it really works for you and your complexion is by trying it. Are you ready for another one?

Consider your current acne treatments product or products. How often do you use them and what sort of results are you seeing? Do the ads for these « acne remedies » claim success or your money back guaranteed? Some actually go to this extent. I watched my closest friend use Proactive Solution for three months straight and then demand his money back. His face was still covered in acne pimples. This just goes to prove that there is no ultimate acne treatment that works for everyone. We’re all different people with varying acne problems. As it turned out, the new acne treatment that was blown out of proportion via infomercials was not the best. At least not for everyone. My buddy found much better results with Differin. This is a fairly new acne treatment that must be prescribed by a physician. Now, just because this topical cream is a success for him, certainly doesn’t mean that it will work wonders for you also. Only a testing of the product will let you know for sure.

It’s clear to most of us that the new acne treatment is not always the most effective. In fact, it may just be a bogus money scam. So many products are. Your best bet when it comes to skin conditions such as acne is to visit a local dermatologist for answers. He/she can give you a basic examination and find out what may be causing your skin condition. Maybe you need a topical cream and a powerful oil fighting cleanser, or maybe you need a new acne treatment that’s taken orally. Get that professional advice you need.