Comic Book Values

How To Maximize The Value Of Your Comics

Investments mean putting down your money now for greater returns in the future. With this logic in mind, comic book collections then become a long-term investment. Just ask the old-timers who are selling their collections for three or four digits a set.

Converting them to today’s standards, the average comic book values for a collection would cost a few hundred dollars. The pay-off after a few decades could reach ten or even a hundred times their original value. This is definitely worth considering, especially if you’re an avid comic book fan.

However, how can you get the most bang for your buck? How can you earn the most that you can from your collection? How do you maximize the value of your comics? Here are a few ways for you to do just that:

Put a balance between niche and mainstream. Selection of titles to preserve for years to come plays a pretty big role in maximizing the value of your comics. Comics that are too popular will have a large following that will be stockpiling their comics, causing comic book values to stay low since many people have copies readily available. On the other hand, comics that are too niche or small-scale won’t have many buyers, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who wants to buy something that no one really wants.

So if you want to get the most return for your money, choose to store comics that are in between the two extremes: popular enough to warrant an audience, but niche enough that not many would hoard these comics.

Preserve the comics. A zip-lock bag may seem like its good enough to store your comics in the long run, but it sure as hell isn’t. Comic book values depend greatly on the condition of the comic: a slight discoloration or crease on the paper will result in its value being cut by more than half of its original value.

As much as possible, try to find copies that are in air-tight containers and don’t open them, even when the end of the world comes knocking on your door. Keep these sealed copies out of direct sunlight and in well-ventilated and controlled environments. Specially designed containers designed to preserve important documents are the best option in order to keep your copies in mint-perfect condition.

Monitor the prices. In a way, comic book values function a lot like the stock market: they go up and down with the passage of time. To get the best deal for your collections, you will need to sell your comics at the peak of their demand, before people start to forget about the existence your collection altogether and lose interest in it.

Buying comic book price guides and checking up on the prices on the Internet will allow you to track the prices of your comics. Try to ‘read’ the trends and if you’ve got a background in stock analysis, sell when the value is at its best. If you’re not an expert in stocks, set realistic comic book values for your collection and wait until the market price hits the mark. Don’t make these values too high, though, or you may find yourself waiting for nothing.